A multi-disciplinary service

Ballarè, Sponghini & Associates started some years ago with the focused goals;- that is to be the best of their field in order to  furnish  their clients, wanting to create real value and to hopefully realise their clients’ dreams.

We live and breathe to help our clients achieve their objectives.

To do this, BS&A was set up to offer the company , enterprise, institution and/or individual person a multi-discplinary business service, focussing on the different  sectors of interest, being competent to offer specialist services and personalised solutions that allow the best professional help under a profile of quality and efficiency.

The professional specialist inside the practice, together with the multiple (organic) collaboration with other highly qualified specialists allow BS&A to face the many different aspects of economic life of their clients with a basic, modern, solid,  profound , punctual but cutting edge approach.


Services covering Accounting, Fiscal, Adminstrative

  • ordinary bookkeeping services
  • simplified and professional interim balance sheets
  • Home Accounting Services

‘Ordinary’ fiscal issues, Administrative, Legal & Employment Consultancy

  • Help during fiscal tests
  • Help with the definition of issues to settle disputes
  • Tax Litigation
  • Carrying out fiscal & legal due diligence
  • Employment consultation, assistance with managing HR & payroll services
  • Consultancy of special representation about legal issues in the workplace
  • Services about out-sourcing of fiscal activities
  • Specialist legal consultancy of administrative responsability in particular
  • in the assistance with the definition and implementaion of models ex.Dgs n.231/2001

‘Extraordinary’ fiscal, secretarial, legal & employment consultancy

  • Reorganizing & resconstructing (including reorganization, merging, sales and acquisitions, societies, participation etc.)
  • Mergers and Acquistions
  • Internationalisation
  • Privatisation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Preparing legal briefs
  • Matters concerning Patent Box including managing of Preventitive Ruling
  • Management of ex-pats
  • Management of implementation of modals of assessment of fiscal risk management
  • VAT
  • Customs and Excise
  • Direct taxes
  • Inheritance issues
  • Trade Union and company revision

Consultancy in insolvency procedures and crisis management

  • Assistance in crises of sovereign debt
  • Predisposition in insolvency procedures
  • Bankruptcy trustee assignments
  • Dealing with commissioners and judicial liquidators
  • Assistance with the participation of public auctions

Consultancy in Specialist material

  • Legal valuation according to ex.artt.2434 and 2465
  • Revaluation of property and estimates of civil and fiscal issues
  • Valuation of companies and suitable values of transactions(?)
  • Consultancy over issues with local firms, public bodies and societies that operate as public bodies
  • Consutancy over issues of foundations and the third sector
  • Consultancy over issues of Cooperatives and consortiums
  • Consultancy over issues of financing and facilitated financing
  • Consultancy over issues of electronic invoicing and digital archiving of data
  • Consultancy over brands and property
  • Consultancy over matters of privacy
  • Consultancyof information technology