The Practice

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We support our clients and help them to fulfill their objectives.

Ballarè, Sponghini & Associates started some years ago through a natural evolution of the partners’ ability, always convinced that to be a business consultant means being the best supporter of people who want to create value, in order to realise their dreams.

We support our clients helping them to reach their objectives. Their goals are our goals.

The Practice in these last years has always grown, inserting into the organisation all the competence needed to work together to help our clients. Notaries,  lawyers,  labour consultants, security engineers, computer experts and trainers are all professions either incorporated into or associated with our practice in order to offer the complete modern package.

As with all business organisations, Ballarè, Sponghini & Associates have their roots in their own personal story and the values that they stand for, because one cannot grow positively without personal integrity and a sense of responsibilty.