Our office wants to grow

We would like to grow and for this reason we are always looking out for the best candidates to recruit.

We are looking for young determined people wanting to choose a profession which is often difficult but inspiring and full of satisfaction.

Selection is based on objective criteria, individual personality and behavior and we respect equal opportunity.

Selection is made by the partners based on their CVs and followed by interviews that will cover all aspects of our organization, training, career opportunities and pay conditions.

From the beginning of the trial period, the new recruits will have the possibility to develop their professional competence through coaching and their experience in the field. They will always be supported by those of us with more experience with the aim of them immediately fitting into the life of the profession and the dynamics of the Practice.

The professionalism and ability to establish a relationship and to get on with new colleagues are brought out economically in a structure where the profession offers a direct connection between ability and earnings.

Fill in the application form with all your data and your CV attached