Alice Spreafico

Chartered accountant with experience in Milanese firms, she joined Ballarè Sponghini and Associati in 2018.

She provides tax, corporate, and management consultancy for major corporate clients and groups of the Firm. Her work involves preparing financial statements, management control, business valuations, business plan development, and financial restructuring plans.

She also handles complex tax and compliance matters within corporate groups.

With extensive expertise in extraordinary transactions, she has developed a strong background in the field of statutory audits for companies and non-profit organizations.

Currently, she is actively involved, even serving as a sole director, in the statutory audit company jointly owned by BSAssociati and other professionals, conducting audits for medium-sized companies.

Paolo Masciocchi

Chartered accountant with nearly 30 years of experience in private practice in Milan, registered with the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts since 1994, and a Certified Public Auditor, has built a strong reputation for his extensive and diversified expertise.
He primarily specializes in tax, administrative, and accounting consulting for professionals, businesses, companies, and third sector entities, providing comprehensive assistance in dealings with the Tax Administration, both in the pre-litigation phase and before the Tax Commissions.
He has gained significant experience as a Director and Certified Public Auditor in joint-stock companies, cooperatives, and third sector entities, developing particular skills in non-profit organizations and trusts. He currently serves as the General Secretary of a Foundation.
The expertise he has acquired enables him to offer tailored services, demonstrating problem-solving abilities and excellent interpersonal relationships. Professionalism, reliability, and confidentiality have always been fundamental values guiding him in his professional journey.

Vincenzo Manfredi

Labor consultant and tax expert, he has been collaborating with the partners of BSAssociati for nearly thirty years.
An associate of the Firm, he has been registered with the Order of Labor Consultants of Varese since 1991.
With a decade of experience, he specializes in a wide spectrum of labor consulting, human resources management in various stages of a company's life, with a particular focus on personnel management during business crises and corporate reorganizations and restructurings.
He is an expert in decentralized bargaining, second-level agreements, and the study and development of corporate welfare policies.
He provides consulting and representation to social welfare and assistance institutions, assisting employers in union negotiations, redundancy procedures, and settlements with employees.
He also deals with tax, corporate, and management consulting.