We are pleased to welcome you to Ballarè Brustia Sponghini e Associati, a place where professionalism, experience, enthusiasm and organization come together to guide you in your growth and solve the challenges you encounter in the business world. We are a team of young chartered accountants, lawyers, and labor consultants constantly seeking innovative solutions and creative approaches to meet your needs. Our ambition is clear: we want to accompany you in your growth. We believe that your success is our success, and we work diligently to achieve shared goals. We believe that your success is our success, and we work with dedication to achieve shared goals

At BSAssociati we believe that every customer is unique. Chartered accountants, accounting experts, lawyers, labor and finance consultants, security experts, IT specialists, training and ESG experts are all the professional figures that are now part of the Studio or closely affiliated with it, working closely together to offer a multidisciplinary service.
Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati is now capable of providing businesses, organizations, institutions, and individuals with a tailored consultancy service characterized by a differentiated perspective and a focus on various business sectors.
The Studio provides corporate and tax consultancy, legal consultancy in various areas, labor consultancy, corporate finance, and crisis management. The professional specializations within the Studio, supplemented by numerous and coordinated collaborations with other highly qualified professionals, enable BSAssociati to address the multiple aspects of its clients’ economic life with a modern, personalized, in-depth, punctual, and practical approach, always working alongside the client to help them achieve their goals.

We have many years of experience behind us, so we have been able to test our skills and refine our skills in different sectors. We have a deep knowledge of Consumer Business, Retail and Real Estate but we know how to define the best strategies for many other sectors of our economy, from industry to logistics, luxury and manufacturing.
Aware and sharing the important changes and innovations of recent years, we are dedicating important energies to the new themes of ESG and the Third Sector.

The complexity of the world we live in no longer allows individual professionals to address all the aspects of a business. We believe in teamwork, in the value of human capital, and in investing in growth and education.

That’s why we deploy the various skills of a team of more than 20 professionals composed of accountants, lawyers, labor consultants, and IT experts capable of providing a comprehensive, interconnected, and multidisciplinary service.

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