Development of expertise in specific sectors.

We have many years of experience behind us, allowing us to test our abilities and refine our skills in various sectors. We have a deep understanding of the consumer business, retail, and real estate sectors, but we can define the best strategies for many other sectors of our economy, from industry to logistics, luxury, and manufacturing. Being aware of and embracing the significant changes and innovations of recent years, we are dedicating significant efforts to the new themes of ESG and the Third Sector.

Real estate

The real estate sector, limitless.

Ballarè Brustia Sponghini count among their clients leading companies operating in the real estate sector, both in the construction and design, development, management, and marketing areas. The Firm assists clients in real estate portfolio acquisitions or sales, the establishment and management of real estate funds, drafting and negotiation of contracts (such as property management or service agreements and lease contracts), real estate financing transactions, and refinancing of real estate financing across all market segments (residential, office, commercial, hotels, shopping centers, and other types). They have extensive experience structuring and executing financing operations through traditional bank financing as well as alternative capital market funding instruments. Strong relationships with investment funds, asset management companies, traditional financial operators, and new financial instruments enable them to carry out complex entrepreneurial operations in every specific field of real estate (hospitality, residential, production, commercial, etc.). Their multidisciplinary approach represents a significant added value in the complex and diverse real estate sector.

The Transport and Logistics Sector

Specific and in-depth know-how.

Operating in an area located at the heart of the Italian economy and positioned at the crossroads of two of the most important European railway transport routes, BSAssociati has developed specific and in-depth knowledge in the field of logistics and transport, as well as the typical entities through which such services are often managed, such as cooperatives and consortiums.
The administrative experiences that some partners have developed, both at the local and regional levels, allow the Firm to provide clients with connections and relationships with the leading operators in the sector, as well as with the relevant public authorities involved.

Automotive sector

Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati work on behalf of companies that have always operated in the automotive sector’s supply chain, and among its consultants, there are specialized professionals in production process organization, supply chain, and production systems.
The Firm provides these clients with qualified legal and tax support in commercial contract matters, product safety and liability issues, competition and regulatory matters, intellectual property, labor law, and compliance.

Manufacturing industry

Among BSAssociati’s established clients are companies that manufacture consumer goods, build machinery, and create products for both domestic and international markets. The professionals at the Firm provide these companies with more than just regular tax, legal, and labor advice. They offer advanced management consulting services, having gained the necessary experience to oversee cost control dynamics, pricing strategies, supply chains, and distribution and sales aspects.

Hotel, Tourism and Culture

A national strategic sector

The “leisure” industry is increasingly becoming a driving force of the Italian economy. Art, tourism, hospitality, culture, and sports are all aspects of the same industry, interconnected with each other, and must be addressed as a “system” with a multidisciplinary and modern vision. Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati count among their clients innovative companies operating in the tourism sector and the hotel industry, as well as Foundations, Associations, and individuals actively engaged in the art business.

Energy and Natural Resources

Renewable or traditional, we are ready.

BSAssociati has long directed its attention to the energy sector, especially that derived from alternative sources. This field is addressed from various perspectives: financial, regulatory, fiscal, technical, with a focus on the many opportunities for subsidized financing and contributions that various entities are providing for such operations.

Food & Drinks

Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati has always been consultants for companies in the agri-food sector, having gained significant experience in managing contractual, commercial, and distribution aspects specific to the industry, such as large-scale retail distribution, customs issues related to exports, sales through new digital channels, and more. The Firm also deals with food-related matters, including labeling, certifications, as well as the protection of trademarks and the “Made in Italy” brand.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sector

Among the clients operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, there are significant national companies and groups for which the chartered accountants and lawyers at BSAssociati provide advice on various aspects. These include trademark and patent registration, related contractual matters, and their defense.

TMT - Telecommunications, Media & Technology

BSAssociati deals with communication and advertising law, providing assistance to companies in related issues, conducting preliminary assessments of advertising campaigns, and supporting businesses in contractual matters and relationships with the media. In this sector, the Firm assists technology startups, consulting companies, and software and hardware suppliers, as well as tenders dedicated to the development of the specific sector.

Private Clients and Families

Behind companies, there are often families and always individuals. Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati assists individuals in their relationships with the tax administration and any operators, in the regularization, management, and development of their assets, both movable and immovable, both in Italy and abroad. Holdings, simple companies, family agreements, trusts, are some of the tools that can be used for the protection and transfer of family assets.

Public sector

Some of the partners at Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati also have years of professional and political experience in the public sector. From these experiences arises a sensitivity made available to BSAssociati when dealing with the Public Administration, in addition to their knowledge of specific issues in various public sectors, and an extensive network of contacts at the national and European levels, capable of assisting the Public Authority in various areas.


BSAssociati has several clients in the insurance sector. The legal and tax professionals at the Firm approach the insurance sector from various perspectives: financial, tax-related, distribution-related, and production-related. They also deal with matters related to ISVAP (Italian Supervisory Authority for Insurance) and the Authority for Competition and Market.


Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and AssociatI have been operating in the agriculture sector for a long time, counting among their clients some of the most significant agricultural companies in Europe. The territory where the Firm has developed naturally directed their activity towards the primary sector, which is increasingly in need of attention in all aspects related to modern industry, commercial dynamics, and marketing.
For these clients, BSAssociati provides services in accounting, tax, organization, finance, with special attention to family dynamics and opportunities for facilitated investments.