Our firm wants to grow

We want to grow, and for this reason, we are always looking for the best candidates to join our team.

We are looking for determined young individuals willing to embark on this challenging yet exciting profession that can be highly rewarding.
Selection is based on objective criteria, individual qualities, and behavior, while ensuring equal opportunities.

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The selection process is carried out directly by the Firm’s Partners based on the curriculum vitae, followed by subsequent meetings to define all organizational, training, career, and financial aspects.

From the moment they join, new collaborators have the opportunity to develop their professionalism through coaching and hands-on experiences. They are always guided by more experienced professionals with the aim of diving straight into the profession and the operational dynamics of the Studio.

The professionalism and networking skills of new collaborators are immediately recognized, including financially, in a partnership model typical of a profession that requires a direct link between skill and income.

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    In our profession, training is the basis of every result.

    For new resources who join our organization, programs are put in place aimed at acquiring the skills necessary to cover key roles within the firm in the future.

    They are guided by colleagues with more experience and progressively increase the level of their qualifications and their professional prospects, both through structured courses of training and coaching activities and through informal “gained on-the-job” processes.

    Practical training is accompanied by theoretical training, in compliance with the provisions of the professional associations and registers to which they belong. The themes specific to the firm’s activity are given priority, but we are well aware that in order to provide the best service, we need to be the best interpreters of the present and the future