Integrated Multidisciplinary Consultancy

Chartered accountants, accounting experts, lawyers, labor and finance consultants, security experts, IT specialists, training and ESG experts are all the professional figures that are now part of the Studio or closely affiliated with it, working closely together to offer a multidisciplinary service.
Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati is now capable of providing businesses, organizations, institutions, and individuals with a tailored consultancy service characterized by a differentiated perspective and a focus on various business sectors.
The Studio provides corporate and tax consultancy, legal consultancy in various areas, labor consultancy, corporate finance, and crisis management.
The professional specializations within the Studio, supplemented by numerous and coordinated collaborations with other highly qualified professionals, enable BSAssociati to address the multiple aspects of its clients’ economic life with a modern, personalized, in-depth, punctual, and practical approach, always working alongside the client to help them achieve their goals.

Corporate and Managerial Consultancy - Mergers and Acquisitions

BSAssociati assists clients operating with various types of corporate structures, providing guidance in structuring entities and corporate groups, offering legal support for intragroup relationships both in Italy and abroad. Additionally, we help in drafting bylaws and shareholders' agreements that adequately address shareholders' demands.
With a team of consultants and specialists with proven experience from various business sectors, BSAssociati can act as a coordinator for management consulting activities aimed at improving company performance in financial, income, organizational, accounting, and production aspects, affecting every department within the company.
The ultimate goal is to increase productivity, improve income, reduce costs, and ultimately remain competitive in the market. BSAssociati has always supported companies in all phases of merger and acquisition (M&A) and private equity operations.
These operations originate from a complex process of analyzing strategic, financial, and tax aspects (opportunities, costs, and benefits), the correct combination of which represents the necessary condition for the success of the initiative.
BSAssociati is capable of assisting clients looking to grow externally with M&A, helping them in the following stages of the operation:

  • Market screening
  • Target company evaluation (due diligence)
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Operation structuring
  • Negotiation
  • Assistance from entry to way-out phase
  • Operation monitoring

and in the following projects:

  • Acquisitions and disposals of shares, stakes, equity packages, companies, business branches, and trademarks
  • Leveraged and management buy-outs
  • Group building
  • Start-ups
  • Agreements and joint ventures

Formation of Companies, Branches, and Representative Offices

Corporate, legal, and operational consulting aimed at the formation of companies and entities, as provided by national laws and the laws of most European Union countries and major non-EU states, is one of the primary activities of BSAssociati.
The assessment of the best solutions and opportunities for Italian businesses to expand abroad, whether through the establishment of branches, representative offices, or permanent establishments, and consulting for foreign companies entering the Italian market, represents a significant area of action for BSAssociati.
The Studio can assist foreign companies in choosing and constructing the necessary corporate and tax instruments to operate in Italy. BSAssociati professionals can act as tax and social security representatives on behalf of the client or provide consulting to evaluate different paths allowed by Italian laws.

Administration and Control Systems

The Studio supports companies in defining the target structure of the board of directors or management board, specifying composition and operating methods (delegations, remuneration, distribution of powers). It assists clients in selecting directors, assessing individual skills, and the required independence for some of them.
BSAssociati professionals serve as independent and qualified board members.

Financial Statements - Periodic Reporting - Financial Analysis and Business Continuity Monitoring

BSAssociati assists companies in meeting economic and financial reporting requirements. The Studio's chartered accountants provide consulting and operational support in preparing financial statements (ordinary, consolidated, and intermediate) and accompanying documents, in compliance with current regulations and best business, legal, and accounting practices.
Clients are carefully assisted in fulfilling annual and semi-annual reporting obligations.
The Firm supports and assists clients in interpreting economic, financial, and asset-related business data through the preparation and analysis of reporting, providing management with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions. It assists companies belonging to national and international groups in preparing the necessary reports at the group level.
In accordance with the new basic principles of Italian legislation on corporate crises, BSAssociati has the professional knowledge and IT tools required to monitor the business continuity of companies on behalf of administrators, control bodies, and shareholders.

Business Plans - Forecast – Budget

The Studio assists companies in building essential management control tools for investment and business processes. A company that plans its activities or a new investment without first preparing short, medium, and long-term studies is like a ship sailing without a compass. BSAssociati helps entrepreneurs represent their business ideas in numbers and previsions, keeping them under control during their implementation.

Accounting, Tax, and Legal Due Diligence

With a deep understanding of economic, financial, and tax data, BSAssociati professionals verify and evaluate fiscal, accounting, and legal information of companies or business branches potentially subject to transfer. The multidisciplinary nature of the Firm and the decades of experience gained alongside businesses allow for a flexible, analytical approach characterized by rapid intervention.

Tax Consultancy

The chartered accountants at BSAssociati have been working with recognized competence and experience to provide their clients with the most appropriate solutions to various issues related to the correct interpretation and application of national and international tax regulations. They also have established relationships with relevant tax authorities. The firm is capable of offering clients personalized, timely, and in-depth tax solutions thanks to a highly organized structure and the cross-sharing of knowledge among various professionals.
The firm prepares opinions and in-depth analyses related to tax matters in general, particularly concerning extraordinary transactions, group reorganizations, international operations, and the structuring of commercial relationships, with particular attention to potential objections related to tax avoidance or abuse.
Tax planning activities represent a fundamental area of advanced consultancy for the proper management of the economic and financial dynamics of businesses.

Tax risk management

The tax and legal experts at BSAssociati design tax risk assessment and monitoring systems, supporting company executives in taking necessary actions to prevent and minimize the potential effects of incorrect tax rule application. They examine the organization of the administrative area and explore potential risk factors, evaluating the tools available to limit or mitigate them.

Regularization of Foreign Capital

BSAssociati provides assistance to clients in the voluntary regularization process of undeclared foreign assets to Italian tax authorities. It assists clients in analyzing their assets through direct contact with foreign banks and intermediaries, checking for any omissions or violations related to both taxes and tax reporting, ultimately arriving at minimal amounts through agreements with the competent authorities.

Administrative and Tax Management of Expatriates

The globalization of business increasingly leads to intense mobility of a company's personnel, sometimes resulting in legal, tax, and administrative issues for employees working abroad. BSAssociati assists its clients in managing expatriate or cross-border employees, supporting them in pre and post-assignment phases, as well as in expatriation and repatriation operations.

Board of auditors and Auditing

The chartered accountants at BSAssociati have extensive experience serving on audit committees of companies of all sizes as well as public entities. In this context, they identify the scope of oversight activities and their execution methods based on the risk-approach principle, which is based on international best practices. They proceed with planning the oversight activities for defined periods (of the audit committee, management control committee, or supervisory board) related to the actions of administrators, contributing to the development of informative reports and the exchange of information with the statutory auditor through joint meetings, with organizational benefits.

Organizational Models (Legislative Decree 231/01) and Oversight Bodies

BSAssociati's professionals typically support corporate executives in building organizational, management, and control models drafted for compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01. They perform verification, control, and audit activities by directly participating in oversight bodies and conduct audit and advisory activities, also in support of oversight bodies. The firm assists the client in finalizing internal corporate management and operational procedures by analyzing the delegation and procurement structure and designs power structures in accordance with operational risk prevention principles. It defines the mechanisms for implementing and sanctioning the designed model and designs communication and dissemination plans for the model, including the review of contractual instruments used by the company, for its protection.


BSAssociati has personnel and a dedicated company to performe accounting audit services for businesses. Thanks to its professionals registered with the Register of Statutory Auditors or affiliated with a specialized audit firm, the firm is capable of providing both mandatory and voluntary audit services, which are increasingly essential for companies seeking to certify their financial statements or ensure certainty during due diligence processes.

Audit of Financial Projects for the EU, State, and Local Entities

Through its affiliated audit firm, BSAssociati possesses the expertise and competencies required to audit financial projects involving the EU, the State, and local entities, as well as Foundations and Chambers of Commerce. This is a specialized activity that demands an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms inherent to funding announcement.

Continuous Tax, Legal, and Administrative Assistance

BSAssociati supports and assists clients in fulfilling civil and tax obligations related to direct and indirect taxes, providing assistance to the administration and finance department in managing and executing administrative, accounting, tax, and telematic compliance. The chartered accountants at BSAssociati also possess the necessary expertise for analyzing and potentially reconstructing accounting and administrative situations, reviewing them for accounting due diligence purposes in connection with extraordinary operations. As part of comprehensive client support, especially in start-up phases, BSAssociati is capable of providing corporate secretarial services to clients and also offers legal domicile services at its locations in Novara, Milan, and Turin.

Accounting and Reporting

Thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure, BSAssociati can offer clients its own "management and accounting software," providing outsourcing services aimed at achieving complete consultant-company integration. BSAssociati also provides external accounting services directly at the client's location, using the client's software, and deploying specialized and dedicated personnel. Assisting in preparing reports based on guidelines set by the parent company following international accounting and/or group principles, as well as preparing periodic reports tailored to specific needs, represents a specific competency for both international and non-international companies.

Electronic Invoicing, Substitutive Conservation, and Telematic Services

The firm assists clients in setting up and implementing telematic procedures for managing electronic invoices, substitutive conservation of accounting documents, accessing public archives, telematic submissions to the Revenue Agency and Customs, and issuing Smart Cards for electronic signatures. For this service and other digital activities, BSAssociati can provide project consulting to clients, which may be integrated with the firm's software. The firm also supports clients in the search for software and the implementation of telematic services, which are essential steps for a company's growth and closely related to its operations and management.

Labor Consultancy

BSAssociati offers labor consultancy services through licensed professionals registered with the Consultants Register and specialized legal experts. The consultancy activity covers nine different areas: contractual, employment law, social security and welfare, legal matters, industrial and labor relations, trade union relations, extrajudicial matters, compensation policies, and terminations. All of these activities are addressed by specialized professionals from the perspective of labor, as well as tax, legal, social security, corporate, and more. Clients are supported at every stage of the employment relationship, from hiring to termination or dismissal, from union negotiations to layoff procedures, decentralized contracts, and compensation policies.
The firm also offers services in the field of pension and social security consultancy, including the analysis of individual contribution positions, potential adjustments and integrations using appropriate legal tools (mergers, buybacks, etc.), and strategic pension advice. The goal is to optimize the social security situation through personalized planning, allowing the evaluation of potential options for early pension entitlement (using totalization, aggregation, option, computation, or contributory calculation) or an increase in pension benefits.

Payroll Outsourcing and Supplementary Services

In the field of labor services, BSAssociati provides precise, efficient, and fast outsourced personnel management and payroll processing services to clients who wish to externalize these activities. The firm handles all payroll-related requirements, relieving clients of the burden of managing a business activity that can sometimes be costly in terms of time, investments in hardware and software, training, and specific personnel updates. Clients can rely on a "payroll department" composed of labor consultants and specialized personnel capable of handling daily issues within the rapid timelines demanded by business needs. The firm provides its services through a shared digital platform with a strong emphasis on confidentiality. Additionally, professionals are proficient in managing personnel administration in its entirety, including contract drafting, company regulations, contribution calculations, personnel cost analysis, and sector budgeting.

Human Resources Management

BSAssociati has the expertise to assist clients in managing their human resources, either by supporting or establishing a company's HR department. Our consultants can help corporate management make strategic decisions regarding personnel, such as defining career paths, compensation policies, training programs for the growth of various business sectors, and defining hierarchies and roles for various organizational positions. HR management activities can be carried out directly at the client's location or remotely through various IT tools.

Corporate welfare

Welfare policies are important tools for the growth of companies and the simultaneous enhancement of the people working within organizations. Welfare plans offer numerous advantages for both companies, in terms of economic savings, employee retention, and social balance, and for employees, providing increased purchasing power, discounts on goods and services, and work-life balance. These initiatives, over time, lead to improved relationships with employees, with positive impacts such as reduced turnover and increased productivity. The legal experts and labor consultants at BSAssociati can create performance-related rewards linked to productivity or efficiency indices or help establish a company regulation that meets the needs of employees, both in terms of job satisfaction and economic compensation.

Funding Calls, Facilitated Financing, and Grants

BSAssociati, through its network, supports companies in accessing various opportunities offered by Facilitated Financing, specializing in obtaining facilitated financing and grants for companies that choose to benefit from financing projects presented by entities responsible for distributing grants, including the European Union, ministries, regions, provinces, and Chambers of Commerce. The firm stands out for its proactive approach to these instruments, informing clients of the opportunities as they arise and guiding them through all the necessary steps to obtain funding, from verifying eligibility criteria to receiving the funds obtained.

Consulting and Advisory in Internationalization Operations

Italian companies have long been major exporters, and today, even more SMEs aspire to enter new markets for sales and sometimes production. Internationalization is undoubtedly a delicate and complex phase for companies accustomed to operating only in the domestic market, and it deserves careful and professional planning and support. BSAssociati helps companies expand and succeed in international markets, possessing in-house expertise or through its network, an in-depth knowledge of national and international tax, accounting, and financial laws and regulations, as well as an understanding of business and cultural dynamics in most Gulf, Balkan, North American, and Chinese countries. The firm is capable of assisting partners and management of Italian companies in the main phases of the internationalization process:

  • Analysis and evaluation of foreign market opportunities. This phase may involve researching promising markets, evaluating competition, and identifying customer needs.
  • Strategic planning: Once target markets are identified, the development of a tailored internationalization strategy, including clear objectives, selection of entry modes (such as direct export, joint ventures, franchising, etc.), and financial planning.
  • Legal and tax aspects: Assistance in understanding and complying with local laws and regulations in foreign countries where the company intends to operate. This may include registering a new legal entity, managing local taxes, and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Financial and accounting management: Consultation on managing company finances in an international context. This may involve international tax planning, cash flow management, and the preparation of consolidated financial statements.
  • Resource research and optimization: Identifying sources of funding, grants, and contributions for managing of various operational aspects (e.g., trade fairs, trademark registration, patents, communication, etc.)

To best execute these activities, some members of the firm have established relationships with ICE (Italian Trade Agency), SIMEST (Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance), and other national organizations responsible for internationalizing businesses. Additionally, they have long held the status of Representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates and serve as experts for CEIPIEMONTE (External Center for Internationalization). The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates (IICUAE) represents a prominent gateway to Middle Eastern markets, which are increasingly central in the dynamics of trade flows between Asia, Europe, and Africa.

International Taxation and Transfer Pricing

BSAssociati assists companies in offshoring, internationalization, or repatriation of corporate structures. The firm provides advisory and opinion services on international tax matters and can support entrepreneurs in finding operational locations within the EU and beyond.
BSAssociati assists permanent establishments and Italian companies of foreign entities in commencing activities with accounting services and assistance to corporate bodies.
The firm supports Italian individuals with foreign activities and foreign residents in Italy for compliance with Italian tax regulations.
Regarding transfer pricing, the firm helps companies prevent the risk of non-compliance with free competition principles in their pricing and supports them in disputes with the tax authorities in case of controversies. The firm can manage complex transfer pricing projects through the planning of correct and efficient intragroup pricing policies and the preparation of documentation required by current regulations to protect against potential sanctions. BSAssociati has all the expertise and tools for comprehensive project management. In synergy with the firm's legal department, it provides advice on intercompany contracts and assistance during tax audits.

Consulting and Advisor for Crisis Resolution

Some professionals at BSAssociati have gained extensive experience in managing corporate crises, both as consultants and as advisors for resolving crisis situations. The firm assists businesses in identifying the most appropriate legal instrument for managing crisis situations based on a preliminary assessment of the degree and type of indebtedness.
BSAssociati acts as a financial advisor in the preparation of composition with creditors, working closely with the company's management to develop and analyze the plan, in close collaboration with the legal advisor to prepare the application and comply with court requirements. Professionals at BSAssociati help companies define the various legal, economic, and financial impacts for the composition proposal. They assist in dealing with the proceedings' authorities and in comparative assessments for the possible liquidation of individual assets and/or business units. They also support corporate bodies in analyzing the potential impact of the crisis on their responsibilities.

Certification of composition with creditors

BSAssociati, with its specialized professionals, conducts preliminary analyses of the context to highlight and, most importantly, anticipate any critical issues and possible solutions. Evaluations of the financial crisis and dynamics are carried out to issue the necessary certification required by law for resolving corporate crisis situations. BSAssociati provides certifications of the company data’s truthfulness and the feasibility of recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements, and composition with creditors proposals, whether for liquidation or business continuity.

Business Restructuring

Companies may sometimes find themselves in financially stressful situations, caused by excessive indebtedness or temporary periods of crisis. These situations require intervention plans aimed at rebalancing the asset structure and available cash flows with those necessary to service the debt.
BSAssociati, with the support of professionals in the finance sector, conducts an analysis of the company's situation aimed at renegotiating existing financing and obtaining new finance. Assistance in reorganizing the financial position, developing plans for dealing with suppliers, social security, and the tax authorities are crucial steps towards problem resolution. BSAssociati has had positive relationships with most major credit institutions and counterparties in the restructuring process for decades.
The correct approach is essential in growth phases (both internal and external), debt restructuring, corporate capitalization, and recapitalization situations, as well as during crises.

Trusts and Businesses

BSAssociati assists clients in the transfer of assets during generational transitions, especially in the context of social participations. Trusts have become increasingly popular for this purpose, often with a family dimension, due to the numerous objectives they allow to achieve, particularly during generational transitions.
Trusts help maintain the unity of participations while providing flexibility in business management. This flexibility allows for quick and effective decision-making to ensure the proper administration of the company, regardless of who the future heirs of the current owners will be.
The professionals at Ballarè Sponghini and Associati support clients in establishing trust instruments, engaging with all parties involved in the project. The goal is to prepare adequate regulations for managing modality of the company and rights related to participations through the establishment of the trust.

Family Holdings

Family holdings are highly functional tools for managing and transmitting businesses and assets held by families, both for generational transfers and for streamlining corporate assets. They serve as the "family safe" for family wealth. As a result, the professionals at BSAssociati have gained significant experience in both setting up family holdings and managing them once they are operational.

Family Agreements

Family agreements are another valuable facilitative tool in the phase of passing on wealth to subsequent generations. They allow for the stable transmission of real estate or corporate assets, preventing disruptions to their operation due to disputes among heirs during succession, while preserving family wealth, even concerning any previous donations.

Simple Partnerships

Ballarè Brustia Sponghini and Associati manages a considerable number of simple partnerships. Simple partnerships are a valuable tool for managing participations or real estate assets within families. As a financial holding, simple partnerships are particularly flexible and cost-effective, allowing the transfer of family financial resources for succession planning. BSAssociati's consultancy involves preliminary asset mapping, interaction with intermediary managers regarding banking relationships, and the preparation of social agreements.

Successions and Wills

In the context of the best planning and management of family wealth, BSAssociati assists clients in drafting wills, a fundamental document in the process of planning the transfer of wealth within a family. Drafting a will is an operation that deserves to be carried out with the assistance of professionals, knowledgeable about inheritance law and tax regulations, such as those at BSAssociati.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

BSAssociati, with its specialized legal professionals in IP (Intellectual Property), assists companies in protecting their intellectual and industrial property rights. They safeguard these rights in cases of infringement by third parties. BSAssociati operates in the field of protecting and safeguarding industrial and intellectual assets, including trademarks, patents, industrial designs, know-how, software, databases, domain names, R&D contracts, 3D manufacturing. They assist clients in drafting and negotiating contracts, registering and renewing trademarks, and handling opposition procedures before Italian and European patent and trademark offices. BSAssociati also conducts appropriate assessments and provides consultancy for creating corporate protection protocols.

Internet and IT

BSAssociati, with its legal and IT experts, ensures that businesses looking to expand their presence on the internet can do so safely and securely. A thorough analysis of legal, tax, privacy, and cybersecurity aspects in compliance with applicable regulations and in a timely manner is the best guarantee to achieve the client's objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

The legal professionals at the firm have been analyzing the topic of artificial intelligence for some time, covering major legal implications, from compliance issues to IP protection. They offer assistance to both public administrations and private operators, addressing key aspects of this field.


The theme of cybersecurity is an increasingly important organizational aspect for businesses and is fraught with responsibilities and risks for administrators and companies themselves. BSAssociati has legal and IT experts within its network who can implement appropriate defenses for companies' IT systems, as well as the necessary operational and behavioral procedures.

Personal Data Protection – Privacy

In addition to cybersecurity, another crucial issue for all companies is the protection of personal data. Compliance with privacy laws is essential for companies seeking positive growth as it represents a necessary condition to respect all those with whom the company interacts, and also to adhere to regulations that impose significant sanctions for non-compliance. BSAssociati's legal professionals analyze the specific situation of the client in light of current regulations, identifying data that require protection and the best procedures to ensure the confidential treatment of such data. They determine the most appropriate methods of data processing, protective tools, and all the documentation required by regulations. Periodically, the firm conducts compliance audits to stay updated.

Digital Consulting

All companies today operate in the digital age. It's not just about advanced technology that didn't exist before; it's about a new way of thinking and interacting with customers, partners, and suppliers, revolutionizing the way business is conducted. Therefore, companies looking to remain efficient in the market or grow must identify their digital strategy and implement it. BSAssociati supports companies in both defining and building their digital strategy. They do this with experts in IT, marketing, communication, digitalization, organizational structure, and processes. They make the most of opportunities offered by legislation and the many tools available today, including various European and national funding programs focused on these themes.


Each within their own expertise and in collaboration as a team to consider multiple perspectives, the professionals at BSAssociati handle ongoing litigation in various areas, including tax, corporate, administrative, industrial, bankruptcy, contractual, labor, and other matters related to business activities. The firm also manages debt recovery activities for its clients, including enforcement phases.

Tax Litigation and Tax/Corporate/Bankruptcy Criminal Proceedings

The litigation phase is always a traumatic moment in the lives of individuals and businesses. BSAssociati's professionals have extensive experience in all areas of litigation and always evaluate each procedure while considering risks, costs, and timelines. With a team of highly experienced lawyers and accountants, BSAssociati assists clients in all stages of pre-litigation and tax litigation, as well as in criminal proceedings for tax, corporate, and business-related offenses. The firm's lawyers are involved in defending clients before the ordinary judicial authorities and administrative justice bodies for issues related to tax enforcement. They handle precautionary measures in the tax and criminal fields (opposition to seizures, detentions, and liens) as well as the executive phase in tax collection. The firm prepares advance rulings, including those related to new investments, and deals with tax settlements and all new institutions proposed by the law on Corporate Crisis. It provides support to governance and control bodies in civil liability actions, particularly concerning tax violations. A key strength of the team is the integration of tax, criminal, and business expertise.

Commercial, Contractual, and IP Litigation

BSAssociati's lawyers and accountants, in addition to providing advisory services on contractual and commercial matters, offer their assistance in both the pre-litigation and litigation phases, identifying the best strategies on a case-by-case basis, taking into account their impact on budgets and, more broadly, on the company. The firm handles litigation in front of Business Courts, defending clients' rights in matters related to industrial and intellectual property, IP license agreements, IP rights transfers, co-branding agreements, coexistence between trademarks, software development, and confidentiality. It also provides assistance and advice abroad, thanks to established relationships with trademark and patent attorneys at the international level.

Labor Law Litigation

BSAssociati's lawyers are recognized as among the best specialists in labor law in the markets where they operate. Even in terms of litigation, their in-depth knowledge of labor law regulations and practices, the number and types of companies they serve, and their accumulated experience, allow BSAssociati to face labor-related litigation challenges with determination and effectiveness.

Arbitration and ADR

BSAssociati's lawyers, also thanks to their active participation in the relevant professional bodies within their respective professional associations, have gained extensive experience in managing arbitrations and identifying alternative dispute resolution methods.

Labor law

BSAssociati's legal and labor consultants assist businesses in various aspects of labor law, including contract management (identifying the most suitable employment type, drafting employment contracts, probationary period clauses, bonuses and fringe benefits, stock option plans, MBOs, and incentive tools, agency contracts, business procurement, distribution contracts, service contracts, and collaborations of a semi-subordinate nature). The firm also provides assistance in protecting corporate assets through stability agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, staff reassignments, and the regulation of employee inventions and know-how. The firm offers consultation on individual and collective layoffs, restructuring plans, disciplinary procedures, transfers, wage support schemes, and solidarity contracts. BSAssociati provides services for legal assistance and representation throughout Italy for all disputes related to labor law and labor law proceedings, including labor union disputes (Article 28 of the Workers' Statute). The firm also engages in negotiation and interpretation of collective agreements and provides support in labor union negotiations (negotiation and management strategies, consultation and information procedures), as well as assistance and compliance verification in the establishment of Workers' Councils or Workers' Representative Bodies (RSA or RSU) and drafting agreements in collective dismissal and business transfer procedures.
BSAssociati's lawyers and labor consultants assist companies in inspections carried out by supervisory authorities (I.N.L., INPS, INAIL) both in the pre-litigation phase and in administrative and judicial opposition phases.
The world of labor has undergone significant changes in recent years. Economic crises and changes in markets, as well as more recent reforms of the Italian regulatory system, require consultants to adopt a new, interdisciplinary, and highly specialized approach.

Analysis and Reconstruction of Social Security Paths

The topic of pension coverage and the coordination of social security rules with the various forms of work present in the Italian labor market represent a central aspect of the relationship between employees/INPS and companies/INPS. In a time when people change jobs multiple times over their working lives, it is essential to be able to monitor one's pension situation, often involving contributions to different social security institutions. The firm offers consulting services in the field of pension and social security advice, including the study of individual contribution positions, their possible adjustment, and integration using suitable legal tools (reunions, redemptions, etc.), as well as strategic advice on pension matters. The goal is to optimize the social security situation through personalized planning, which allows the evaluation of possible options in order to perfect the right to a pension ahead of time (using totalization, accumulation, the option, calculation or contributory calculation) or the possibility of increasing the pension benefit.

Incentive Plans for Employees and Managers

BSAssociati offers assistance to companies looking to implement incentive plans for their administrators, top executives (key personnel), and employees. The firm's services include legal and tax assistance in structuring incentive plans, defining compensation mechanisms, drafting regulations governing plan operations, and optimizing tax, accounting, and financial profiles. The experience of the Firm's professionals allows them to provide assistance in more sophisticated incentive structures, including the allocation of warrants or financial participation instruments. The Firm can also create stock option plans for the benefit of managers and key employees of companies, incorporating compensation mechanisms tied to the company's performance.


The area of administrative law is managed through a comprehensive understanding of the subject and its related issues. The Firm assists industrial and financial operators, as well as public entities, not only in administrative litigation, before the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and the Council of State, but also in the management of public contracts, utilities, transportation, and energy.
The legal experts at BSAssociati are experienced in administrative procedures, including authorization processes (for example, in the field of public procurement, building permits, urban and commercial settlements), as well as in dealings with Independent Authorities.


The Firm, thanks to its connections with professional firms located in Brussels, has been operating in the field of Competition and Regulation for a long time.
The firm can rely on the presence of some professionals who have gained significant experience at the Italian Antitrust Authority and have knowledge of EU dynamics.
The lawyers benefit from strong integration with other areas of the Firm, particularly intellectual property, administrative, and litigation. This ensures our clients receive excellent assistance, not only before the Italian Antitrust Authority, the European Commission, and other regulatory bodies but also before administrative courts, national civil courts, and EU jurisdictions.


The Firm has gained experience in asset management operations, in reference to investment funds, especially alternative funds, and equity crowdfunding initiatives. The lawyers at BSAssociati provide assistance and consultancy in structuring alternative investment funds, with a particular focus on private equity, venture capital, as well as equity crowdfunding.

Energy Law

With a multidisciplinary approach, the Firm operates in the energy sector, encompassing both traditional and renewable sources. The presence of administrative law specialists within the teams working on these operations allows us to address all the specific challenges of each project in terms of procedures, risk analysis arising from the specific regulations, and, if necessary, assistance in managing disputes. Similarly, the involvement of tax law specialists allows us to assist our clients in determining the most efficient tax structure.

Prevention and Management of Tax and Legal Risks

BSAssociati conducts monitoring of tax and legal risks in business management and develops prevention models for violations with integrated expertise in Legislative Decree 231/2001. We create the tax risk framework for companies interested in the special regime known as the "collaborative compliance." These are professional services aimed at avoiding not only administrative disputes but also criminal ones. The added value we provide is essential through the continuous proactive involvement of our legal experts in criminal/corporate law matters (such as false accounting, bankruptcy, market manipulation, obstruction of supervisory authorities, etc.), criminal/tax law (tax offenses, money laundering, self-money laundering, etc.), and corporate criminal law (offenses against public administration, offenses in urban planning and environmental matters, occupational safety offenses). The Firm provides legal assistance in performing corporate assignments and evaluates the criminal risks associated with professional tax consultancy activities.

Civil law

BSAssociati, through its legal experts, offers professionalism, efficiency, promptness in responding to clients, and determination in achieving the legal goals desired by clients. Regarding civil matters, we provide assistance in drafting and revising contracts for buying and selling, residential and commercial leases, contracts for works, logistics, supply, distribution, transfers, and leases of businesses, confidentiality agreements. We also handle debt recovery, movable and immovable property seizures, damage claims, civil liability, separation, divorce, and child custody matters.

Real estate law

BSAssociati offers clear and comprehensive legal and tax assistance for real estate consultancy, including property purchase and sale. Our legal and tax services in real estate aim at drafting and negotiating contracts (such as property management, service agreements, leases, preliminary purchase agreements) and resolving disputes (evictions, property releases, and civil real estate litigation). Our legal experts are experienced in various segments of the residential and commercial real estate market and provide legal protection for disputes related to preliminary purchase agreements, sales, leases, evictions, and condominium disputes.

ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) and Benefit Corporate

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues are gaining increasing importance in the corporate landscape. For businesses, economic entities, and social organizations, the attention, assessment, and management of the impact their actions have on people and the world around them are no longer merely a choice or a necessity but a significant opportunity to seize. This capability can significantly affect the present and future of an organization.
The awareness among entrepreneurs of being active contributors to society and the region where they operate, beyond generating wealth for themselves, is a crucial element for balanced growth and development today.
The professionals across various practices at BSAssociati have acquired all the necessary skills to assist our clients during this crucial transition. This includes analyzing different business areas, identifying ESG goals, and enhancing what is already being done within our companies in this regard. BSAssociati provides assistance in:

  • Understanding the regulatory framework and staying updated on related developments.
  • Corporate advisory on the consistency of organizational structures with ESG objectives.
  • ESG due diligence focused on assessing not only legal risks but also the level of ESG maturity in a business concerning the notion of ESG compliance provided by current and forthcoming national and supranational regulations.
  • Negotiating supply contracts to ensure that ESG objectives are properly pursued within the supply chain.
  • Environmental and energy issues and access to specific funding opportunities.
  • Employment law consultancy in designing long-term incentive plans linked to achieving non-financial goals, internal policies, and negotiating agreements that enable, at various levels, the attainment of ESG objectives.

Third Sector Entities (ETS)

Since its establishment, BSAssociati has paid significant attention to third-sector entities, considering them as important contributors to the economic and social life of our country.
The reform of ETS has confirmed this vision and placed the Firm in a position to provide all the necessary assistance to all the new entities envisaged by the law, as well as to Foundations and Social Cooperatives, enabling them to operate for the benefit of the community with confidence.
The extraprofessional background of some of the Firm’s partners reflects the Studio’s sensitivity to the issues that are relevant to ETS. BSAssociati’s extensive knowledge of public administration makes it an authoritative partner for clients when it comes to tenders, calls for proposals, contracts, and more.
Supporting and guiding organizations involved in sports, healthcare, social services, culture, and community care is a source of pride for BSAssociati, and the pro bono cases the firm takes on are a way of giving back to the community for all that it has received.