2 04, 2020


2020-10-08T16:45:45+00:002 April 2020|linkedin|

We strongly believe that it is about time that we turn our attention to those issues related to the "real economy". Indeed, it is more important than ever to gather all the information that may seem inconsequential, but that may in fact contain positive signals for the recovery of Italy’s businesses and the protection of Made [...]

8 03, 2020

Remote working

2020-10-08T16:46:24+00:008 March 2020|linkedin|

We are ready! As of today, all BSAssociati offices are back to work at full capacity on remote working mode. We can freely communicate with our clients from our homes through emails, phone and video calls, providing them with all the services they need. We deeply thank all our collaborators that in these difficult times have [...]

7 03, 2020

BSAssociati appointed as Representative of the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE

2020-10-08T16:47:01+00:007 March 2020|linkedin|

Internationalization, new market search and manufacturing outsourcing are three fundamental aspects of future business models. All these objectives can be successfully achieved in the UAE market, projected to become one of the world’s main financial hubs for cross-border investments among Asia, Europe and Africa. This is the reason why BSAssociati has decided to invest its resources [...]